First off, welcome to my all-new website, and my all-new blog.  I’m not the first person to come up with the idea of a blog, it has definitely done before – I’m not claiming to be a pioneer here. I also tend to write updates with zero thought or structure, so this, and indeed the updates that proceed it could well seem like the ramblings of a lunatic. I promise small gems among the rubble, though.

Previously, I updated my blog all the time, but over the years, I just got interested in doing other things, and I forgot that a blog isn’t just about promoting your business or creating new content, it’s also a way to really crystallise your thought-processes and get a better idea of why you do what you do. I love shooting headshots, but I forgot that I love writing about them, too.

I’m going to be keeping this regularly updated with not just posts about individual headshot sessions, which I used to really like doing, but I’m going to be giving lots of tips and tricks that people can use to give their headshot session a little kick of heat. I’ve been doing this years, and what started as a side-business, grew into a passion, and finally flowered into an obsession. I want to share on this blog everything I love about headshots – they’re a lot more subtle and nuanced than most people – including other headshot photographers – think. I’m going to be doing updates on every aspect of not only my business, but also on individual sessions. It’ll be good. Please return.

That’s all, really. Welcome to the new London Headshots.