So, I don’t just shoot actors headshots, I shoot headshots of all kinds, and now that I’m concentrating on this blog, I’m going to be doing posts from all aspects of the headshot spectrum! This is a little throwback to one of my favourite ever beauty editorials featuring a friend and colleague, Alice Hart Davis. The story was for Femail Magazine, and it was an editorial to highlight the effects make up can have in regards to really contouring the skin and changing the shape of the face. Alice is the perfect person to do this on, because she’s very beautiful already, so you can comfortably compliment the make up without it seeming like you’re saying, “don’t you look great now“, if you know what I mean.

The lovely  Pixiewoo sisters (Sam & Nicola) did the make up, and honestly, Alice just looked spectacular. As a huge compliment, Alice also ended up grabbing this shot from me after the feature ran and now uses it on her business card as well.

So, indeed, I love this shot, and I loved this shoot. I do lots of before-and-after beauty shoots, mostly for editorial, and mostly featuring Harley Street cosmetic procedures. While I love doing those, too, it was great to do something that enhanced beauty in a way that didn’t involve any permanent changes. Most of the things I shoot tend to feature lasers, and needles, and very invasive procedures, so it’s rare that you get to see the “old fashioned” methods giving the modern procedures a worthy run for their money.

Products used:

Becca Lowlight Sculpting Perfector (£32,; Mac Bronzing Powder (£22,; Mac no 34 False Lashes (£10.50,