All sessions have no time limit

Head Shot Top Up

  • One clothing change
  • One finished image
  • Choice of indoor or outdoor
  • Studio or natural light
  • Review images after session
  • Contact sheet emailed same day
  • Extra shots: 60
  • One hour session

Portfolio Session

  • No time limit
  • No Shot limit
  • Unlimited clothing changes
  • Minimum four finished commercial images in any style - headshots/full length
  • Indoor/outdoor locations
  • Studio & natural light
  • Full review of images during session

 For those who changed their look a little, but not enough to justify a full session. 

If you had a headshot session recently, but you’ve made a change to your look that you think is worth having as a headshot, then this package is for you. It’s cheap, has all the benefits of a normal headshot session, with a fast turnaround on both session time and delivery of images.

 Everything an actor needs for Spotlight, delivered quickly, and efficiently. 

This is the standard headshot session, except there’s nothing ‘standard’ about it. London Headshots was the first to offer this kind of package, and it’s still the best there is.
A headshot package designed and tailored specifically for you, to cover the whole gamut of your casting potential. There’s no pre-designed ‘styles’ to this package, it has, and always has been, uniquely tailored to the individual in front of the camera, and the requirements they have.
Sessions include a mix of studio and natural light, and indoor and outdoor shots against a range of backgrounds.
There’s no time limit on sessions, and only one client per day.

Perfect for profile and promos

For those who find themselves in need of PR content, or for press & editorial use, this is for you. Gritty and commercial portraits for any and all uses in media. Perfect for authors, actors, businesspersons, and anyone else who needs high-end portraiture for their front-facing media presence.

Sessions have no time limit, and a storyboard will be created before the shoot to make sure you get exactly what you need.

If needed, shots can take place away from the studio at any location the client wishes to provide.

All sessions include:
  • Very detailed email-pack containing everything you need to know to properly prepare for the session.
  • Commercial-grade retouching on all images
  • Contact sheet emailed same day
  • 3-10 day turnaround on final images
  • Detailed discussion on clothing choices
  • Full coaching before the session on exactly how to take a good picture, and a full explanation and demonstration of the secrets to a great headshot
  • Further options to purchase extra images
  • Images backed up indefinitely