For me, Headshots are my passion. If I won the lottery tomorrow, this website would still be up, and I’d still be taking bookings..



The London Headshots ethos is really simple: get actors in the audition. Give them a chance to shine.

So many, in fact most, actors don’t complain about not getting roles, they complain about not getting auditions. They don’t even get the chance to show what they’re made of. That’s all down to the headshot.

Everyone else, in every other profession, knows the strength of a good CV. They know how essential it is to have a professional CV that ticks all of the boxes. There’s resources online that give templates, formatting tips, dos and don’ts, and everything else needed to prepare a CV that is going to be taken seriously by a potential employer.

The thing about a CV is that it’s not supposed to get you the job, it’s supposed to get you the interview.

A headshot is an actor’s CV – it’s the one thing you have to put in front of a casting director to say to them “I’m worth your time, I just need five minutes”. That’s all a headshot should do – get you in that audition. It’s not supposed to get you the role, it’s supposed to get you the chance to get the role! I know right now if you’re an actor reading this, you already know what I mean. You don’t need to get the role, because you know you’ve got that talent to get booked – your problem is that you’re not getting a chance to even display that talent. All you need is for that headshot to get you five minutes in front of the casting director.

Sounds simple, but maybe not so much. That headshot needs to seduce, it needs to be trustworthy, accurate, it needs to infer a certain amount of friendly dialogue with whoever looks at it, it can never offend, it can never be a “portrait” It has to be a snapshot of a person and a personality.

This is what London Headshots is about. Creating a headshot that elicits an authentic connection with the casting director from the moment they click that Spotlight thumbnail.

Only one client per day is booked, and only 15 bookings per month are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. This means that every single person that walks into the studio is treated an as individual, and that their needs as an actor are properly represented in the work completed on the day. A set monthly number of bookings means no creative burn-out, and no stale, repetitive, cookie-cutter headshots, as are so common in London right now.

Come and get something people haven’t seen before..