Yes, that's correct, a full headshot session is now £95 

All sessions have no time limit

The same session. The same high quality. Just cheaper.

In December 2021, we sold our wonderful little flat in Shepherd's Bush and moved to a just as wonderful - but bigger - house in Guildford, Surrey. I kept the studio in Battersea going for another twelve months, but since the home we bought also had an annexe, I decided to convert that into a fully equipped studio so that I could continue my product photography business without having to drive back into London every time I had a shoot. The plan was to close London Headshots and continue shooting products at my home studio, when it dawned on me that, actually, since I now had zero overheads, I could pass that saving onto my actor clients and still get to shoot headshots, which is still my favourite type of photography.

So, the catch is, you just have to come to me, and a headshot session is 95 quid. That's it. The studio is fully equipped, modern, with all facilities, and is, in many ways, an improvement on my old studio (it has central heating, for starters).

I'm incredibly easy to get to, and if you factor in that most tube journeys take 45 minutes or more, then a 50 minute train journey to me from Waterloo is really no big deal. If you're coming by car it's 50 minutes straight down the A3.

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All sessions include:
  • Very detailed email-pack containing everything you need to know to properly prepare for the session.
  • Commercial-grade retouching on all images
  • Contact sheet emailed same day
  • 3-10 day turnaround on final images
  • Detailed discussion on clothing choices
  • Full coaching before the session on exactly how to take a good picture, and a full explanation and demonstration of the secrets to a great headshot
  • Further options to purchase extra images
  • Images backed up indefinitely