OK, so this is the most important responsibility you have regarding your headshot session (apart from turning up alive). The clothes you bring are very important, so if you’re someone who only wears black, you’re going to need ot head out and buy some stuff and keep the labels on to return them after. Here we go:

  • Bring lots of clothes – lots. You’ve got four looks, but that doesn’t mean you should only bring four things. We need a variety of options to mix and match, and also for fail-safes – not everything you own suits a headshot as much as it suits you in real life.
  • Bring VARIETY. Don’t just bring 52 of the same tshirt, as so many often do. Bring shirts, t shirts, anything unusual (nothing “silly” or “ironic”).
  • Make sure that whatever you bring is ironed. Don’t just bunch it up into a ball and stuff it into a Tesco bag.
  • Please please try to avoid plain black and plain white, and also anything burgundy or royal blue.
  • Avoid white shirts unless they’re absolutely essential. Only smart-casual.
  • Anything grey is A-OK. Bring it.
  • Denim shirts = excellent.
  • Pastel colours = brilliant.
  • That awesome tshirt with the cool picture: leave it at home.
  • Collars – fine, but nothing crazy or too big unless useful for a casting.
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Most definitely, and here they are:

  • Drink water, Plenty of water. From the point you read this until the day of the session, I want you to start chugging water. Properly hydrated skin is plump, reflective, and highly attractive to the camera and lights. It really makes a difference. It might make you spotty to begin with, but hang on in there. Even if the spots are there on the session, I’ll retouch them out. Plump skin is headshot-skin.
  • Exfoliate. Do this if you don’t already. Same goes for Moisturising. Start looking after your face.
  • Send me headshots you love. Doesn’t have to be mine, doesn’t even have to be a headshot – send me anything you like that will help me get you want you want. I don’t NEED to have any of this, so this step isn’t essential, but some people like a headshot session to be a collaboration, and I’m all for that if it suits you.
  • Bring a drink
  • Bring food (if you like)
  • Don’t be late. Please leave ample time to get to me. Acts of God happen, I’m not going to jump on you for walking in the door ten minutes late, but 25 minutes is pushing it, and it makes you look unprofessional.
  • If you really want to go the whole-hog, start practising facial expressions in the mirror – it’ll help. Don’t worry about feeling silly, the silly faces don’t make the final cut, but they can be essential on the journey to the “right” face. Again, this isn’t essential, but it can really help you get to learn your face and give you a head start on the day
  • Think long and hard about what you actually want from your headshots. Think about the roles you want, and work your clothing choices around that


Please ensure you are at the studio either before or at the exact time your session is scheduled to start. We all get caught in traffic sometimes, and a couple of minutes isn’t going to annoy anyone, but walking into a session 20 minutes late, without an extremely good reason, is not acceptable. “the traffic was bad” is not a good reason. The studio is in London, so please just assume the traffic is bad. Assume the trains aren’t running, and assume the bus will break down. It’s imperative that you arrive to the session on time, as the sun is only in front of the studio windows for a certain amount of time, and that time dictates when the session should best take place.

Tips for Women

  • Do bring lots of clothes. As many as you can comfortably manage. Tops only –
  • It’s also a good idea to bring something comfortable & practical to change into – leggings are best, it means you’ll be able to put on dresses etc over them without having to change. If it’s winter, bring a cardigan to wean on your arms during the session – it can get cold.
  • Make sure you bring bras that colour coordinate with anything slightly sheer. If possible, bring a strapless bra.
  • Bring a hairbrush.
  • Denim shirts look amazing on all women.
  • Avoid any tops that are too “strappy” – if your hair is thicker than the straps it’ll make you look like you’re topless!
  • Please read the make up tips on this page thoroughly and heed the advice
  • Bring a hairband and hairpins

Tips for Men

  • Stubble = excellent
  • Black leather jackets = not excellent. Very far from excellent.
  • Bring a comb or brush if you have hard-to-manage hair.
  • Bring facial wipes if you have them.
  • If you wish to shave during the session, please bring your kit with you.
  • Please please please read and re-read the bit about clothing variety. Men especially seem to think they can get sway with bringing three t-shirts and whatever they travelled in.

Make up rules for women

First off, I’m not making any assumptions about your support or opposition to make up – this isn’t a political issue, makeup is an essential part of headshots, so if you don’t normally wear makeup, you’re going to have to grit your teeth and get it done – it’s not because you need to be “pretty”, or anything ridiculous like that, it’s simply to help with retouching. If I could get guys to do the same, I would, but I’ve just given up trying.

  • Please wear a LIQUID foundation that has been properly matched to your skin tone. Other foundations, especially powder-based do not look as good under the lights, and close up, they have poorer coverage than liquid-based.
  • Please wear LIGHT makeup. Excessive contouring, intense lip colours, smokey eyes, and crazy eyeliner designs are best left for another occasion. Make up should be about smoothing complexion/colour, and givng a little bit of depth and intensity to the eyes. Please only wear eyeliner/mascara – shadow isn’t recommended. Eyebrow pencils are fine.
  • Nude lipstick or something subtle to start, you’re welcome to bring other lipticks to match outfits/looks – same goes for any and all makeup (except “going out” make up – that’s not happening, unless you are exceptional at make up)

Make up rules for men

Guys, it’s not just women who benefit from a little make up during a headshot session.

Bring a bit of concealer if you like, one that is matched to your skin tone, liquid-based, and read up how to apply it.

It’s not essential, but it’s pretty useful stuff.